Larisa Larina makeup & SFX School

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  • Valery Dyakonova says:

    If I want to impress everyone with my MAKE-UP, I contact Larisa)))!!! Awesome person, incredible make-up artist…)))) Thank you very much)))

  • Irina Chepelevskaya says:

    I want to say thank you very much, Larisa, for a stunning make-up! Her hands make wonders! I can say that Larisa is a very good specialist. Girls and guys use her services and you won’t regret it. By the way Larisa did bridal make-up for my husband and the best man. And I can tell you that the result was not slow to arrive (example: face wasn’t distorted in the photos and videos, as it often happens with the face without make-up)

  • Lera Lauda says:

    And our visitors are delighted with your workshops. You explain everything in simple and accessible way.

  • Anita Babaeva says:

    I want to thank Larisa for her work, support and understanding. As well as for her professionalism and quality of work. For the moment when you look in the mirror and hardly recognize yourself and you just stand, admiring the beauty of reflection. When it comes time to go to bed after a party and to remove this stunning make-up, you just start to cry because you can’t attach this beauty to your face forever! :))) Thank you, Larisa! You’re the best!!!!

  • Irisha Kolmakova says:

    Yes, yes, I agree with the above! Larina is super! Indeed, you can hardly recognize yourself in the mirror. She does such wonders! This is what the professional means! Thank you for your talent that you give to people, it uplifts to the skies!

  • Natalia Omelchenko says:

    Larisa, my bridal make-up was simply superb! Thanks!!! That was exactly what I wanted – gentle and safe) Make-up stayed flawless until the end of the evening. In the photos everything looks great, without any skin problems or greasy shine. THANKS again!!!!! You have gifted hands!

  • Nastya Gubarenko says:

    Saying thanks is saying nothing!!! I have been looking for a make-up artist for a long time, because I ordered professional photo shoot and I needed the best make-up artist. And I found Larisa))) Many thanks to her with all my heart. If you want to look beautiful and compelling, then contact Larisa. She does wonders)))

  • Irina Zaglada says:

    I would like to share my training experiences I’ve obtained in the Larisa Larina Makeup & Special Effects School. The course program “Make-up Artist” consists of 29 lessons. 3 theoretical lessons and the rest is practice. 3 practical lessons are devoted to the basics of special effects make-up (aging faces, children watercolor grease-paint, burns imitation, cuts, gunshot wounds, etc.). During make-up lessons we have mastered shadow, pencil and watercolor techniques. Emphasis was placed on the pencil one. I really satisfied with training level. Larisa is demanding and not indifferent to the results of her students. She really tries to pass her skills to the students. The result of each practical lesson is photographed near a special background, so upon course completion I received my portfolio in electronic form. Models are provided, but you can also have your own. You’ll receive a diploma upon graduation. Larisa, thanks again for such a huge bundle of knowledge you shared with me)

  • Tatyana Yastrebova says:

    I would like to express my gratitude for the training course “Make-up Artist” because gained knowledge and experience are incomparable with costs. Personally, I gained a lot of skills needed for further work, become self-confident as a master and learnt many new things. Especially I liked the practice in the studio and unique special effects course that is trained not everywhere. I highly recommend Larisa as a teacher – she is high-class specialist in her field. Larisa, thank you very much! :))))

  • Anna Popova says:

    Larisa, thank you very much for the great knowledge! After completing the course “Make-up Artist” in the Larisa Larina Makeup & Special Effects School I was able to work independently with clients and to feel confident as a make-up artist. Larisa is very demanding to her students, always pays attention to everyone, helps with advice, but at the same time makes all work individually. I liked the fact that here you can learn different make-up techniques (shadow, pencil, watercolor), a separate special effects lesson, as well as men’s and children’s make-up. All I want to say – training in the Larisa’s school is a pleasure and who lacks self-confidence – take doubts away!!! You’ll become a true master and fall in love with this profession forever!

  • Ekaterina Makitruk says:

    Larisa, when I met you about a year ago, I could not imagine that I would come back to the same make-up artist for not just a make-up, but also for a good mood and self-confidence!) Oh yes, I cannot but mention admiring glances not only of my friends, but also people completely unfamiliar to me:) You have got not merely a talent, but the gift of God..because the ordinary master can’t do such miracles! I am very glad that I’ve found you not only as the excellent “beauty producer”, but also as a successful “creator” of great pictures that hit my imagination..seemingly a man should succeed in one thing and be professional in it, but it isn’t your case..you are wonderful, many-sided and amazing person..it’s easy not only to be silent with you, but also to communicate: ) I really appreciate that I have you in my life, though we are far from one another, but you really have become near and dear to my heart!!!! I’m proud of you in every way!! Keep it up! 🙂

  • Zorya Zaytseva says:

    I was very lucky: I’ve been training here in Larisa’s school for three seasons (fall, winter, spring) 🙂 Not because (I hope :))) I’m such a bad student, but because I haven’t even planned to get a profession of make-up artist in other institution. Even all my models I worked with during my training process agree that Larissa is a great teacher. Mark of pride for the teacher is her or his students. There is no need to say anything more. Just compare the photos of their works during and after graduation – and you’ll be able to understand how this school teaches. Great efforts were put in everything. And how to use the knowledge given by this school is a personal matter. And this school gives a lot :)))

  • Olesya Artischuk says:

    I want to thank Larisa for the knowledge gained during the training course “Make-up Artist”. Owing to her ability to combine strictness, exactingness and friendliness there was a desire to look forward to the next lesson 🙂 I discovered and learnt a lot and the knowledge that Larisa gave me now brings me only good feedbacks of my work 🙂 In addition, it is very pleasant that even at the end of the course you become a kind of a part of this school – Larisa continues to keep in touch with her students, and this, in my opinion, means that she has responsible approach to her work as a teacher 🙂

  • Olesya Demidova says:

    When I was looking for training courses for make-up artists, I have reviewed a million of websites of various schools and make-up studios and there was also the website of Larisa among them, which attracted my attention by bright and extraordinary works of her graduates. A desire first emerged was: “I want to learn the same”)) Many thanks to Larisa and Tanya for the interesting and useful course “Make-up Artist”. I was very pleased with the organization, nice creative atmosphere and professionalism of the school’s teachers. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful art.

  • Anya Petukhova says:

    For a long time I’ve been looking for a master who can teach me Make-up artistry and accidentally found the website of “Larisa Larina Makeup & Special Effects School”. Education with Larisa, her attitude, professionalism, skills, intelligible and easy-to-remember explanations surpassed all my expectations, it’s beyond words))). I am very glad that I was taught by Larisa))) I want to express my gratitude for being taught the course “Make-up Artist” because I apply the knowledge and experience I gained in the school every day in my life, as well as develop them))) I am proud to tell my clients and other masters that I was taught by Larisa Larina!!! I am planning to upgrade my skills in Larisa in the future!!! Larisa, thank you for the knowledge you gave me, and also for your friendship and warm attitude))) Just a great mass of impressions))) And also I want to say thank you for the help in getting professional make-up cosmetics)))

  • Olesya Leonenko says:

    Many thanks for your cooperation with our dancing school, yet again all students of my school are satisfied with the Larisa’s students!!! Results are excellent!!! Thank you so much for making us more and more beautiful!!!!:)

  • Stacy Jester says:

    I was able to assess the professionalism of Larisa and her love for the work at the workshop. I can confidently say that the day was well-spent: it was very interesting to watch the making of creative makeup + I learnt a lot of interesting. I’m still under the impression )

  • Anastasia Marchenko says:

    I’ve finally found time to write and express thanks to the Larisa Larina school ))) Larisochka, you are great!! You work only with super professionals) Indeed, the school is very cool! I completed the course and gained great knowledge!!! This school has the excellent masters. A model has never left dissatisfied, everyone is a beauty. Students (even beginners who have never held a brush in their hands) finish the school with the thought that he or she is a super makeup, hairstyle, special effects MASTER… Whatever… This person just finished the best Larisa Larina Makeup & Special Effects School. Special thanks to Marina Borisyuk (she taught me). Marina! Thank you so much!!! Thank you for your patience, attention to each student, great mood, for everything) baby, you’re the best

  • Maryna Onyskіv says:

    I’m really happy that I completed training in the Larissa Larina school. Everything was at the highest level!!! SPECIAL THANKS to the wonderful teacher and professional – Marina Borysyuk, I will certainly come for more different courses and I will become a REAL MASTER here

  • Irina Obida says:

    Larisa! Thank you very much for bridal make-up!!!! You are the best, baby!!!! Professional! I advise everyone – you will not regret!!!

  • Margoshka Hilenko says:

    In my work I saw a lot of make-up artists, but Larisa, you are a fairy! I did not think I could ever have such a cool make-up! Thank you so much! The look was great!