This course differs significantly from the Beauty make-up” course. The program of this course is well elaborated in such a way that you attend simultaneously the elementary beauty make-up course and skills improvement course, because it contains complex classes such as: makeup for competition using pencil and watercolor techniques creative and stage make-up, as well as the program has 3 airbrush make-up classes – innovative technologies of non-contact make-up application. Moreover, subjects may vary according to your needs in case of private tuitions.

Upon completion of this training program, you can work in all directions of our profession: beauty-salons, theaters, cinema, television, photo-shoots, music videos, etc.

Duration of the course 3-3,5 months 3 times a week for 3-4 hours (you can also have the private tuition)
Number of lessons 35 lessons 3 theoretical, 32 practical lessons including exam and diploma work
Group course
Private tuition

THEORY. Professional basics. Make-up technique. Elements of chromatics

  1. The history of makeup.
  2. Professional ethics.
  3. Psychology and customer communication rules. How to predict the client’s desire. Make-up and temper.
  4. Cosmetic brands featured in the world market and Ukraine.
  5. Brushes. The function of each brush, application rules, care and disinfection means.
  6. Decorative cosmetics. Professional classification of cosmetic products.
  7. Basic rules and steps of make-up application.
  8. Make-up techniques: eyeshadow, watercolor, pencil, cream and gel textures, airbrush.
  9. Shapes and proportions of the face, eyes, nose, lips.
  10. Methods and techniques of modeling and correction of individual parts of the face and the face shape in general.
  11. Color circle and color complete guide. Derivation of color formulas. Color groups.
  12. The theory of the color code – concept, application, examples. Highlighting the color accents.
  13. Color harmony and disharmony. Advantageous colors for beauty and creative make-up. Visual color perception.
  14. Practical and theoretical class on coloristic.
  15. Creation of a look and sketch preparation. Practical guidelines, examples.

Make-up types you will perform:

  1. “Nude” (natural make-up with expressive face features for photo shooting);
  2. Daytime and Business make-up (make-up features for a business meeting);
  3. Eyeliner (The secret of a perfect eyeliner: methods and cosmetic products);
  4. Bridal make-up and variants (variations of it);
  5. Evening makeup and ITS variants; (variations of it);
  6. “Smoky eyes” (the most popular make-up);
  7. Age-specific make-up (makeup features for women of above 50 years);
  8. Make-up for men (classical make-up for television: presenters, politicians, show participants and other TV programs)
  9. Photo and video shooting (hallmark of this make-up);
  10. Drag make-up (creating a look of a dancer in the Cabaret show);
  11. Eyeliner and its varieties (the secret of a perfect eyeliner: methods and cosmetic products);
  12. Red lips (difficulties and rules of the make-up with the focus on lips);
  13. Loop (alternative forms to classical make-up);
  14. Oriental (bright make-up for oriental dancers);
  15. Creative make-up (creative work for imagination development);
  16. Makeup for competition using pencil and watercolor techniques (complex specific make-ups that help develop technique, purity and speed of work);
  17. Waterproof make-up (for underwater shooting, sweltering day, circus or theater performances);
  18. Airbrush make-up (the elements of airbrush-makeup, perfect and fast face tinting);
  19. Face-art (make-up or special effects make-up using artistic techniques);
  20. Fantasy (make-up with a variety of decorations and ornaments, creation of a comprehensive, recognizable look);
  21. Theatrical make-up: ageing, bruises, abrasions, cuts, wounds;
  22. Special effects make-up: creating and applying of prosthetic pieces for realistic wounds, scars; work with fake blood;
  23. Make-up decoration (decorating with: strass, false eyelashes, lace, feathers, etc.);
  24. Diploma work. Creation of a comprehensive look for a studio shooting.

The most important subjects such as: bridal, evening make-ups are repeated from 2 to 5 classes for the best mastering. Before the final diploma photo session you can get free consultation and assistance from the teacher.



General information
Our groups comprise 2-5 persons.

Payment for courses can be made in parts: 50% of total cost at the first lesson and the second part of the payment can be made in the middle of the course.

We provide models for non-residents for the training period. We help local students in searching of models, but also ask, when possible, to find models for their lessons. Students are provided with the professional cosmetic products during the training period. Everyone should have own tools (brushes, sponges, tweezers, etc.), you can bring your own kit or we will help you to choose a set of professional brushes. All your training works are photographed. Professional photo shoot of your diploma work shall be extra paid at a token price of 200-300 UAH for the students of our school.

We issue school’s certificate after the successful diploma defence and examination.

During the training students are often provided with the practice at photo-shooting, concerts, in cosmetics shops, as well as an opportunity to assist masters for different projects and photo shoots. The practice can be provided upon request during your training and after graduation.

Our school has a good range of professional cosmetic products that is why we can help collect the main essentials for the kit of make-up artist, but the choice is always yours.

You can register for the courses by paying in advance (500 UAH) to the PrivatBank payment card or personally at the school. Prepayment is a guarantee of booking your place in the group and it is not refundable and cannot be carried over in case of your refusal. By making a prepayment you agree with these conditions.

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